St. James School is a multi-cultural community where students from all over the world who practice a variety of religions come together to learn!


Address:              1204 St. James Court

                               Madison, WI  53715

Phone:  608-268-9935

Our school is a strong Catholic elementary school with grades beginning with 4 year pre-school through 8th grade.  Our school has a widely diverse student population with families from Asian, African and South American countries.  Our staff of highly dedicated professionals present a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment .  Our program is based on religious values that include daily prayer and focus on service to others.  Parent involvement and strong parish support are significant strengths for our school community. 

Our school is the oldest private parochial school in the city of Madison founded in 1905.

Parent quote of a St. James student:

St. James teaches the whole child—intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.  For me, it represents the best of the Catholic Church—drawing families from different cultures and walks of life into one rich and diverse community.  The principal and teachers give so much of themselves to help the children reach their academic potential and develop into persons of character and strength.  The teachers are nurturing, but they also communicate their high expectations to each and every student.  And the students seem to relish the many opportunities to become more responsible and to serve others.”